Transforming Negative
Self-Talk Digital Workshop 

Silence your inner critic and create a more empowering inner narrative

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The way that you talk to yourself can either build you up or tear you down. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with the fear-based voice of the inner critic who tells us that we aren't good enough. In this digital workshop, you'll learn a simple four-part, evidence-based process for silencing your inner critic once and for all. 
Does any of this sound familiar?

You miss opportunities because your confidence is super low 

You're constantly comparing yourself to others and coming up short 

You are sure that you're not as smart as other people think you are

You know you should be more positive

But you don't know how to actually do that...

When you can change how you speak to yourself, you can change your life

in this workshop, you'll learn:

How to identify and replace negative self-talk 

The most common tactics of the inner critic and what to do about them 

How to use cognitive behavioral techniques to stop negative self-talk quickly

How to create a more empowering inner narrative and positive self-image 

Because our unconscious mind works in the background, it's a common misconception that there's nothing you can do to change the dialogue of your inner critic. Fortunately, that's not true! Once you can cultivate an awareness of the patterns of negative self-talk in your own life, you can apply simple evidence based strategies to reprogram your inner narrative. The average person has 50,000 thoughts on any given day and 80% of those thoughts are negative. Imagine for a moment what would shift if you could choose to intentionally practice shifting those negatives into positives. Your confidence would increase, your relationships would improve, and, most importantly, you would feel energized and inspired. 

You wouldn't let anyone else speak to you the way you speak to yourself.
It's time to become your own biggest cheerleader. 

You know that constantly beating yourself up isn't serving you. In this workshop, you'll find the exact tools you need to change that.

what if you could celebrate how amazing you actually are?

Let's do this

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So you can silence your inner critic once and for all and create a more Empowering inner narrative

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Changing the way you talk to yourself 

will change your life.

I used to always say, "I'm easily intimidated by people." It didn't matter who you were or what you looked like or how you treated people, I was 100% convinced that absolutely everyone else was better than me and that no matter what I did it would never be good enough. I was paralyzed by self-doubt. I was crippled by the limiting belief that I was an inconvenience or a burden to others and my self-worth was lower than low. 

I lived a lot of my life with my inner critic constantly tearing me down.  As a result, I missed opportunities and struggled with relationships. Learning how to change my inner narrative has been life-changing. I've learned how to become my own best coach and cheerleader and how to stop limiting beliefs in their tracks. I've become more confident, taken bigger risks, and created incredibly fulfilling interpersonal relationships. In this workshop, I'm giving you all of the tools you need to create the same powerful transformation in your own life. 

Your thoughts can build you up or tear you down

creating a joyful, fulfilled life starts with learning how to build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down.

I participated in the Transforming Negative Self-Care workshop and it was absolutely worth my time! Mary Allison is clear, succinct, and thoughtful and her content is practical and easy to implement. You won't be disappointed! 


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Your workshop was AMAZING! So many amazing insights. It totally helped me! BOMB.COM! 


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I have realized that I do not have to succumb to ONLY being a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister. I have the ability as an intelligent woman to create a life full of happiness and success in achieving my dreams WHILE enjoying my beautiful self and being a wife, mother, daughter, and sister. 

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Are you ready to create a more empowering inner narrative, increase your confidence, and improve your relationships?

Hell YES I AM!